The works in progress confession

As I started this blog to keep me honest and moving forward, it would probably help if I start by admitting what is on my works in progress (WIPs for the non-sewers) list. There are five WIPs, 3 unfinished objects (UFOs) and 1 abandoned project. I’ll address the UFOs and abandoned latter.

WIP #1 – Piles o Fabric 2014 Skillbuilder

As soon as I saw the design plan for the 2014 Skillbuilder, I was hooked and since I had pledged my 2014 quilting goal was to improve my skills, this was a perfect project to take on. Although I have all the assigned blocks pieced so far, I have yet to do the assigned free motion quilting (FMQ). I have never done FMQ and simply haven’t had a chance to practice enough before I tackled finished blocks.Image


WIP #2: Hexagon Block of the Month

The HEXIE Blog is hosting a hexie block of the month. As I have also committed to not purchasing more fabric unless absolutely needed for a project, I am happily using this as a scrap buster project. It is working out well and has been fun. I can’t wait for April’s block.



WIP #3 – C’s quilt

Over the summer, I had picked up a fat quarter bundle of Angela Rekucki Bikes n’ Trikes but had no firm plan for it.  Not too long ago, a blog I follow posted the tutorial for a Starburst Quilt. I was sold and so was C. After cutting the fabric I had, I came to the realization I needed a bit more, but luckily the store I got it from still has the series.  That store is over a day away from us so it will take an online order to get but I am moving forward.


WIP # 4: What I did on my summer vacation

I shared this project yesterday as part of SEWjo Saturday.  I did make progress last night but no photos. C wasn’t feeling great so I didn’t make as much progress as hoped. When this one is done, it will tell a great story of the projects and friends I have made in my sewing adventure. This is another quilt being made from scraps.

WIP #5: Coast to Coast and Midwest too

It would be no surprise to anyone I quilt because my mom taught me. She and I had discussed doing something together and then looped my aunt in. We selected Crosswalk from the January/February Quilty. I picked up the gray solid we are all using and then we are all to use our scraps. My aunt has finished and sent me her blocks. My mom and I both admit we are a bit behind. I really need to cut this project out and do it.

The name comes from my mom and aunt who live on the opposite coasts of the US while I live in the midwest. Once done, we plan to donate the finished quilt to a veterans charity.

Well, there is the list of my five WIPS. I promise to share on my UFOs/abandoned soon.

Happy Sewing!



First post and SEWjo Saturday

Years ago, I actively blogged about my adventures in my new town but after kids, work and life took over I stopped. Now as a busy working mom, I have taken quilting back up as my sanity saver. A friend encouraged me to start blogging my activities and I agree it will keep me motivated. I am still working on the layout but I wanted to get started now!

Another thing keeping me motivated has been My Go-Go Life‘s SEWjo Saturdays. Today is one of those Saturdays and I am working on “What I did on my summer vacation.” I started this last summer when I wanted to learn English Paper Piecing (EPP). My first hexies and flowers were completed in the car and around the campfire while on vacation. Now it is time to start pulling together the project.

My design plan is:



I am considering adding a little more of my white low volume on the top and bottom between the flowers and the gray border. Not sure, but thinking it will look better.

I had started to put the flowers together last weekend but took it apart to add in the gray hexie in the middle.

Today I am starting to put it back together. A  bit slow since some of the papers had been removed and I need to re-add the papers. It is coming together and I like what I am seeing. Not sure how I will quilt this but I suspect it will be hand-quilted.  I am not much of a hand quilter but this seems to beg to be all hand done.

And thanks to the fun of SEWjo Saturdays I am anxious to get back to this project. Go check them out!


Happy sewing! Melissa