First post and SEWjo Saturday

Years ago, I actively blogged about my adventures in my new town but after kids, work and life took over I stopped. Now as a busy working mom, I have taken quilting back up as my sanity saver. A friend encouraged me to start blogging my activities and I agree it will keep me motivated. I am still working on the layout but I wanted to get started now!

Another thing keeping me motivated has been My Go-Go Life‘s SEWjo Saturdays. Today is one of those Saturdays and I am working on “What I did on my summer vacation.” I started this last summer when I wanted to learn English Paper Piecing (EPP). My first hexies and flowers were completed in the car and around the campfire while on vacation. Now it is time to start pulling together the project.

My design plan is:



I am considering adding a little more of my white low volume on the top and bottom between the flowers and the gray border. Not sure, but thinking it will look better.

I had started to put the flowers together last weekend but took it apart to add in the gray hexie in the middle.

Today I am starting to put it back together. A  bit slow since some of the papers had been removed and I need to re-add the papers. It is coming together and I like what I am seeing. Not sure how I will quilt this but I suspect it will be hand-quilted.  I am not much of a hand quilter but this seems to beg to be all hand done.

And thanks to the fun of SEWjo Saturdays I am anxious to get back to this project. Go check them out!


Happy sewing! Melissa



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