The works in progress confession

As I started this blog to keep me honest and moving forward, it would probably help if I start by admitting what is on my works in progress (WIPs for the non-sewers) list. There are five WIPs, 3 unfinished objects (UFOs) and 1 abandoned project. I’ll address the UFOs and abandoned latter.

WIP #1 – Piles o Fabric 2014 Skillbuilder

As soon as I saw the design plan for the 2014 Skillbuilder, I was hooked and since I had pledged my 2014 quilting goal was to improve my skills, this was a perfect project to take on. Although I have all the assigned blocks pieced so far, I have yet to do the assigned free motion quilting (FMQ). I have never done FMQ and simply haven’t had a chance to practice enough before I tackled finished blocks.Image


WIP #2: Hexagon Block of the Month

The HEXIE Blog is hosting a hexie block of the month. As I have also committed to not purchasing more fabric unless absolutely needed for a project, I am happily using this as a scrap buster project. It is working out well and has been fun. I can’t wait for April’s block.



WIP #3 – C’s quilt

Over the summer, I had picked up a fat quarter bundle of Angela Rekucki Bikes n’ Trikes but had no firm plan for it.  Not too long ago, a blog I follow posted the tutorial for a Starburst Quilt. I was sold and so was C. After cutting the fabric I had, I came to the realization I needed a bit more, but luckily the store I got it from still has the series.  That store is over a day away from us so it will take an online order to get but I am moving forward.


WIP # 4: What I did on my summer vacation

I shared this project yesterday as part of SEWjo Saturday.  I did make progress last night but no photos. C wasn’t feeling great so I didn’t make as much progress as hoped. When this one is done, it will tell a great story of the projects and friends I have made in my sewing adventure. This is another quilt being made from scraps.

WIP #5: Coast to Coast and Midwest too

It would be no surprise to anyone I quilt because my mom taught me. She and I had discussed doing something together and then looped my aunt in. We selected Crosswalk from the January/February Quilty. I picked up the gray solid we are all using and then we are all to use our scraps. My aunt has finished and sent me her blocks. My mom and I both admit we are a bit behind. I really need to cut this project out and do it.

The name comes from my mom and aunt who live on the opposite coasts of the US while I live in the midwest. Once done, we plan to donate the finished quilt to a veterans charity.

Well, there is the list of my five WIPS. I promise to share on my UFOs/abandoned soon.

Happy Sewing!



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