Stitch and Sew

The other night I attended my first Stitch and Sew. It was an evening of laughter and learning. There are no photos as I was having too much fun. I can’t wait for the next meet-up. 

My stitch and sew is an off-shoot of my guild. Last winter, I decided it was time to join a quilt guild. I had a number of guilds to pick from in my area, depending on how far I wanted to drive. With my work and life schedule, I decided to join the guild that is not only based in my town, but also meets less than a mile away. In warmer months, I have been known to walk over to meetings. 

Although I skew to the young side of the guild, I have felt welcome from the beginning. Not only have I learned a lot about quilting and noticed my skills improving, I have made friends. It has been wonderful to see what everyone makes and also be surrounded by those who are also quilt obsessed. I feel encouraged and motivated. 

I know guilds aren’t for everyone. I have heard the stories of snobby and mean guilds, which seem to give guilds a bad name. It hasn’t been my experience. I definitely recommend checking into a local guild to see if it is a fit for you. Having local sewing buddies is a wonderful thing.


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