UFOs and abandoned

I admitted earlier to having a few unfinished objects and one abandoned project. Today I will admit to these even more with the proof of the projects.

UFO #1 – Camping Quilt

I don’t have a photo of this quilt but it features lots of fun camping themed fabrics. Unlike most projects, I have no pattern. It is all improv and at one point, the inspiration left. I hope to tackle this soon but need to rethink my idea. And maybe actually map it.

UFO # 2 – Hearts and Umbrellas



Two falls ago, someone mentioned Tuesday Morning was selling Riley Blake fat quarter sets for cheap. Upon investigating, I found two really cool lines that I liked. I also found quilting pattern books which interested me. This project is a combination of those two finds – Rainy Days and Mondays fabric with the plan for it to become a quilt from the book. I got stalled because of a need for a LOT of circles and no quick way to do it. I think I need to go make friends with some guild members with fabric cutters.


UFO # – Farm Fresh Pinwheels



The other fabric line was Farm Fresh. I have a thing for pinwheels. They rank with stars as my favorite quilt patterns. This quilt will feature pinwheels and postage stamps. It will make an adorable quilt. I just need to work on it. Maybe in the fall once my current projects are done.


Abandoned #1 – Painter’s Palette



This poor project isn’t just abandoned, I stole all the white I had for it for another project. I swear I need to start buying white in bolts. I love this pattern but I just needed to set it aside and rethink the long term plan. I had originally planned on doing this as my guild challenge quilt but once the set the rule that the back had to be solid too, I bailed on participating. I really wanted to do a painter themed backing. One day I may come back to this…

I also have to express my love for Lindsay Conner‘s Modern Bee. Love this book. It is so inspiring and quirky. I have a lot of the patterns bookmarked. 

(Here is where I admit I purchase quilting books because I love looking through the pictures)

So now I have admitted to my UFOs… maybe they will soon move from their UFO bin to WIPs. I just need to stop looking at fabric and patterns… 



5 thoughts on “UFOs and abandoned

  1. p.s. I’ll need to go back and add pics of my WIPs and UFOs, and fabric for the promised projects. Thanks for your inspiration. Of course, I could just work on them instead of take their pics……

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