Quilt prep

It is a gorgeous spring day here – warm, sunny with just a bit of wind. We took advantage of the weather to do yard prep and also quilt prep. Earlier this week, I received a quilt from eBay.  I had nearly passed this up but when it went for auction the second time, my husband said to go for it. The quilt is an unfinished top pieced on newspaper. The newspaper was a major selling point for me. On the few pieces with dates, we find March 1928!

Now the quilt itself is gorgeous in person, but smells like something stuck in a box in the attic for decades. It needed major air.

Step one was getting my husband to hang a clothesline. It is not really a clothesline but will be used by me for hanging quilts and my portable design wall. I sew a lot outside in the summer so this will be a lovely tool.


Step two was to photograph the newspaper. Once the quilt was up, both my husband and I kept wandering over to read the back. I have a small twinge of guilt about separating the newspaper and quilt.



More newspaper up closes

Step three was flip the quilt so both sides aired and sunned. It was outside for most of the day but with the clouds looking threatening, it has come in. Still very musty but it has endeared itself to my husband and I. I look forward to hand quilting this soon – just got to figure out a backing and get the musty out.




I also made some more progress on What I did on my summer vacation but no photos. Hoping to maybe cut the pieces for Coast to Coast but the kids are a bit wound up today. So that is how I have gotten my SewJo on today – by prepping for future sewing.

Happy sewing Saturday!



4 thoughts on “Quilt prep

  1. wowie! I would love to find a quilt like that. Don’t know how to get rid of the mildew. My grandmother pieced on newspaper too. I don’t have any of her quilts, but do have one top. No newspapers tho
    LeeAnna Paylor Not Afraid of Color! lapaylor.blogspot.com

  2. Hi!!!! What a wonderful piece of history!!!!! It is very pretty!!!! Love all the newspaper too!!!! Great find!!!! Can’t wait to see what you do with it!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

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