Hexie obsessed

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I love english paper piecing. I got hooked last summer and just keep on going. I have tried a few shapes but find I prefer the hexagon. 

One of the reasons I love hexies so much is their portability. We are a roadtrip family. The kids do well in the car so we go on lots of road adventures. My husband prefers driving so I play passenger a lot. To combat boredom, I bring my hexie kits and sew away. 

I have set up two travel kits. The smallest and most portable utilizes a cheap pencil box from CVS. It works well to carry the supplies I need and a quart size ziplock comes along for the finished flowers. Someone recently suggested gluing a magnet to the lid for the needles. Trust me when I say I am scrounging the house for just the right magnet to use.



For longer adventures, I have a tackle box set-up. This is ideal for camping as it can take a beating from the kids and not mess things up. The upper storage neatly organizes finished hexies, thread, glue, thread conditioner, scissors and needles. In the lower portion, I can keep a large stash of fabric and extra paper pieces.


I have started cutting all my scraps down to 2.5 inch squares which is ideal for the 1 inch hexies I do. The size is versatile enough for me and makes my scraps more manageable. I need to tackle the fabric stashed in fishing box soon. It would be so much easier to have those pieces pre-cut. 

I currently get my pieces from Paper Pieces. I could cut my own but not yet… I have gotten a ton of use out of my current batch of pieces, though some are coming close to needing replacing. I love the selection at Paper Pieces – it allows me to experiment with different shapes and sizes without too much commitment. Their customer service is amazing too!

The house is now quiet which means the minions are sleeping. Time to sneak to the sewing room and cut out Coast to Coast.

Happy sewing on a Sunday!



4 thoughts on “Hexie obsessed

  1. mmmm….love hexies and love your storage idea, do you poke holes through your papers, if not the papers last forever and it is bloody hard to cut your own, trust me I have tried, I also love paper pieces.

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