WIP Wednesday

Quickie post but I have been busy since the weekend.

I got my first Coast to Coast and Midwest too block done. Only 13 more to make but it turns out to be a pretty quick block.



I got blocks 5 & 6 of Pile o Fabric Skillbuilder 2014 done. The jar uses the Piec-lique technique by Sharon Schamber. This was very new to me and I struggled a bit. This is my second try (first got trashed). Not perfect but I can see the appeal.



Block 6 is an applique pin cushion. My daughter designed this based on the fabrics I am using and some from her scraps. She will get the quilt when it is done so I love that she added her own stamp. I need to embroider on the “pins” but also need to brush up on it.



And then just to try Piec-lique again, I made a heart block for my guild. They ask all members to make a heart (any size, color, style) each year. I am super late in getting mine done. When a guild member is sick or has a difficult period, the guild sends them a block. One thing I learned in this try is I need to exaggerate pointed details or they get lost in the process. 



I may try this again this weekend and knock out another heart.

Hope your week’s sewing has been just as rewarding..




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