Saturday sewing.. maybe

I had yesterday off from work. My industry gives Good Friday off for some reason. I am not complaining but after thirteen years, it still amuses me.

My in-laws are visiting this weekend so they took the kids for a sleepover at the hotel. That meant a no kid, no work day. Between Thursday night and Friday, I knocked out a lot of things.

First I made progress on my son’s Starburst quilt. I love how this is coming together and how some of the prints get amazing motion from simple cuts. I mean just look at what the chevron looks like now.



I love this atomic star print, so much so I am doing two blocks of this and the chevrons. Actually yesterday my plan for the quilt solidified which is great.



I think my most favorite thing about this pattern is how quick it goes together. You sew the right sides of two 7 1/8in squares together. At first, it seems odd to sew all four sides together but when you then cut the block in quarters it all makes sense.


I can’t wait to finish this quilt but needed to work on a few other things first. Next Saturday, I am taking a free motion quilting class with Natalia Bonner. Our homework for the class was to make 18 20in x 20in quilt sandwiches. Thankfully, JoAnn had batting, baste spray and solid cotton on sale. I opted for bright spring colors and mixed the combos. Maybe when this is all done, I will sew the quilted sandwiches together into a crazy picnic blanket. We also needed a applique flower which was a quick project.


I also made my daughter an Easter Dress using the Sally pattern. I love the simplicity of this pattern and my daughter loves the absence of buttons and zippers. She is very peculiar about those.  I consider this pattern a nap pattern – from start to end it is quick. My one struggle continues to be gathers. I can pleat no problem, but gathers always get me. This was no exception so I covered the goofs by adding a belt sewn so we can tie it in the back. This also helps bring in the bodice which was a tad too wide.


I have to admit here that I am just not much into clothes sewing. I can do it and with a very girly daughter, I do but I probably mutter more grownup words during clothes making than quilting. I often send fabric to my mom and get her to make the twirl skirts my daughter loves and shorts my son requests. If she lived closer, I would probably pass clothes making off to mom entirely.

To accomplish all these projects, I did make a few trips to JoAnn. There is one two miles from my house. We won’t talk about all the others also within driving distance. I also have a couple LQS but don’t visit them quite as often. So far, they just don’t meet my needs. Anyway, during this trip, I found a print I had been moderately in love with in the red tag bin. I have no clue what I will make, but I decided I had to cave and get it. My husband gave me the “permission”  (remember I am on a no buying except for specific projects pledge). I am open to ideas for what I could do.


Today I know I will find some time to sew. I have two wall hangings I need to finish quilting and as always, I am making progress of “Summer Vacation”. But first I need to go shop for Easter dinner fixings.

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Happy sewing Saturday!



4 thoughts on “Saturday sewing.. maybe

  1. Hi Melissa! Great projects! Thank you so much for linking up to SEWjo Saturday and you WON! Please shoot me an email with your contact information to gogommak (at) yahoo (dot) com :o)

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