Free Motion Quilting Saturday (Updated)

My guild hosted a workshop today with Natalia Bonner from Piece N Quilt. This was my chance to learn from a quilter I greatly admired. I am exhausted but in a good way.


I feel comfortable with curvy motion but not too accurate. If I got anything from the class, it is the confidence to keep trying FMQ. Natalia is great at letting you practice at your own pace and attempting the motions that you will most likely use.







My daughter joined in the afternoon and took right to FMQ. She will be five next week so less interested in the practice designs and more interested in designing her own.



I didn’t finish anything and not really sure what I will do with my practice blocks, but I accomplished a goal of trying FMQ. That is a good Saturday in my opinion.

Oh and such is life that just as I got my Nikon D50 back up and working, the lens auto focus busted. I am hoping to get it in for service soon, so please bear with me and the crummy phone photos!


Guess what my hubby let me do? Even after spending an entire day with the kids, he sent me to my sewing spot to quilt some blocks. Aww.. guess I should let him pick the TV tonight!

IMAG4313 IMAG4315


They aren’t perfect but I like them. I am definitely a filler quilter and need to get better at spacing my quilting.

Happy Sewing!



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