Sewing with Birdie


This is a photo of my daughter “Birdie” sewing last fall. She turns 5 this week and has already completed two quilts for her dolls. Her first was a pieced charm pack quilt.  Her second was a simple flip quilt that her brother promptly stole for his toys.  She is still working on the quilt above. Over the winter, she got bored and set it aside.

She does do most of the sewing by herself. I sit with her and help with keeping it straight but otherwise she runs the show.  She is starting to want to cut her own blocks and we are discussing the safety aspects of cutting.

As I mentioned on Saturday, she also joined me for a portion of my FMQ class.  She loves the “quilt ladies” who are the ones who dubbed her Birdie.  Whenever she sews, she calls herself Birdie and expects those around her to do so too.

As an under 5 sewer, I let her dictate when and what she wants to sew. As long as she is interested, she happily sews. We stop as soon as she is bored. It is also not unusual for her to hang out in my sewing space while I work on my own projects. She is a bit messy and loves to take out her fabrics and notions but not put them away.

Overall, I find sewing with a young child easy. The hardest part was sharing a machine and having to set it for two people of VERY different heights/skills. Santa fixed that by giving her the Janome Hello Kitty 3/4 machine.

I will periodically share her progress and projects, though for her privacy, not her real name or her face.



One thought on “Sewing with Birdie

  1. I learned to sew young. I remember having to stand to use the peddle. My foot would get tired and I would change feet. I sew with either foot on the peddle today. That was a long time ago.

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