One of the local quilt show is having a second fabric contest requiring the use of a selected fat quarter series. These are the four fabrics at the bottom of the photo. They don’t speak to me but I decided to use them to make a doll quilt using the orange crate tutorial that Zaaberry featured in January. The blue print will be the “sheet” and the other three will be the quilt and pillow. I started laying out the quilt using 2in squares. This is the smallest I have worked with not using EPP.


I added another row on both the top and bottom to make it longer but I think I may also add a border of either a solid or the pink print. Open to suggestions…


The other fabrics featured in the collage up top are my Mother’s Day treat to myself. The four blue/green will probably be used in a triangle quilt I want to make. The hex print will be used in something for me. The other two I simply just liked.

Hope your week has been more productive…

Happy Sewing!



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