A partial finish



After going to bed with a plan to do a patchwork mini quilt using 2 in squares, I woke up hating the idea. I contemplated the options on my drive to work and landed on a log cabin concept. Last night, I knocked the quilt and the pillow for the project out. Using an inch and a half binding was my hardest part. Today I hope to make the mattress and paint the cutie box I am using.

While working on this, I thought it might be fun to share my sewing space too. We live in what is considered small by modern standards house. After working on the kitchen table for months, I decided to reorganize the basement and stake a claim. It can be messy and dark, but it is cool and usually quiet.



Under the white table is my totes and containers of fabric and projects. My great grandmother’s hutch serves as the central storage point when I want to get things off the cutting table. The shelves are great for the small items to be placed and easily found. My growing collection of quilt books help brighten the space with a basket of mostly uncut clothing patterns. Have I mentioned I keep trying at clothes making but really don’t enjoy it.  

This past week, Birdie asked for her own more permanent set-up. A little reorganizing and I fit a space in for her.



A side table is the perfect working height for her and works well with a chair from a child set we have. She has her own tote of fabric to the right and is using the top of an old shoe rack for her notion box and active project. The lower shelves have my stash box (the green one), a box of penguin fabric (Birdie is obsessed with penguins) and my binder for the Skill builder project. This allows easy access for both of us to our stuff. Not a bad set-up for a five year old, huh?

And since today is Mother’s Day, I thought I would share a sewing notion that my mother, Birdie and I all have. 



Too adorable…

My friend, Kate, made my mom one of these pincushions, which I threatened to hold hostage unless I got one. Birdie asked for one for her birthday, which Kate happily made. Kate and I are craft buddies – our husbands probably roll their eyes at the amount of fabric and projects that go between us. We are constantly trading scraps and other things. We never pay attention to the value or if it is “balanced” as we know it is constantly rebalancing. Aren’t craft friends amazing?

Happy sewing on this Mother’s Day!



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