Keeping the SewJo



A few weekends back, my SewJo link was selected for a fun giveaway from Kim at My Go-Go Life. I received my package in the mail the other day and the packaging alone brought a smile to my face. The idea to wrap sewing goodies in pattern paper is brilliant and one I am stating here and now that I will be stealing.

Not sure what the fabric will be used in, but I am sure it will become a quilt sooner than later.

On a sewing note, it appears Friday nights are my go-to sewing night. While the kids watched a movie with Dad, I was able to sew up the current assigned blocks for Pile o’ Fabric Skillbuilder.  This round we are still utilizing piece-lique to make the button block and base for embroidery hoop.  I definitely found working with the round shape easier than the jar.


This quilt will be for Birdie when it is finished and one thing she essentially hates is buttons. She claims they smell funny and won’t wear clothing with them without one heck of a fight. Randomly she picked the Ikea Button rug for her bedroom and loves it.  I decided the button block needed to be fun. I used the Simplicity Pattern Ladies as a back to one of the other blocks and the remaining piece just jumped out at me. Birdie picked out the blue inner holes and is happy about this block.  For the most part, the skillbuilder quilt is solids, with a small amount of low volume mixed in and a low volume sashing.  This block will add just a bit of random and quirk to the quilt.

This Saturday, Birdie asked to join an early version of a volunteer event I run in June, so we are volunteering in the morning, checking on a grant project immediately after and then celebrating a friend’s 60th birthday in the evening.  Hoping Sunday allows for sewing!

Happy Sewing!



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