A little spree

Last year, a blogger spilled the beans on finding Riley Blake fabrics at her local Tuesday Morning. A stop at the one close to me resulted in a couple Riley Blake prints being added to my stash. Since then, I periodically stopped in to see what might have arrived. I regularly find quilt books to add to my collection so it is usually worth the stop. This weekend, we hit a mini jackpot! Riley Blakes were back.

My son immediately claimed the Riley Blake Cruiser Blvd prints I found.



I scored some Tasha Noel, a quirky birdhouse fat quarter set and two new quilt books.



Birdie found some dots, flowers and a book for her. She has a project in the works that the dots will be a perfect addition too



I may wander to another store to see what other options I can find.

I also swapped the Little Azaleas remnants with another sewer. I had her surprise me with scraps and I am very happy with the mix!



All this new fabric breaks the rules but my husband decided that the savings were worth it, especially after our son walked around with his claimed fabric and asked me to make him something now!

What is your favorite unusual spot to find sewing supplies?


Happy Sewing!


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