Pirate Camp

A friend invited us to join him at his camp*  along the shores of Lake Huron for Memorial Day Weekend. Since we had plans to join the local Memorial Day service on Monday, we went up for Saturday and Sunday.


Not sure who would turn down a view like this. The camp has a large sandy frontage before a frog/turtle pond and then Lake Huron.  We spent a lot of time watching birds land in the grasses and the turtles sun themselves, while also counting freighters on the lake.

The area my friend’s camp is in has a lot of history. We stopped in a few of the museums and were delighted to find vintage quilts among the displays. Birdie was really excited to find sewing rooms set up as she was fascinated by the older sewing supplies.




The middle picture is actually a collage of wooden yard sticks. I would love to recreate the look in my own home. 

The quilt in the bottom left has signatures in the white, including the original home owners. I was able to get really close to all these quilts and it is inspiring to see the quality of work in a quilt from 1880 or so. Without all the notions and toys we have now, they could still create amazing work. 

Although we were on a mini vacation, I brought my “What I did on summer vacation” and finally got a flower sewn on correctly. For whatever reason, I had previously sewn it on incorrectly…twice. 

ImageProgress on this has slowed down a bit with all the other projects in the mix but as we come into summer, I anticipate this being a more regular project. It travels well when camping and roadtripping.

I also have to share a new book my daughter got – Gabby Quilts for Friends. Birdie loves it as she sees herself in Gabby and the fact it came with a quilt pattern just blows her mind. We are going to be looking online for a layer cake she can make this with.


* or what people in Michigan call a “cottage”. 


And although my sewing this week was light, I was inspired by vintage and a young sewer. Some days that is all the SewJo you need. Linking into My Go-Go Life’s SewJo. I really recommend you go and check out the other projects featured. 

Happy Sewing!



2 thoughts on “Pirate Camp

  1. I have had the worst luck with hexi blocks. I throw my hands up in the air every time I try them! So happy you made it work :o) Thank you for linking up to SEWjo Saturday!

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