Pilgrim Roy and Shelburne too!


Besides my mom’s retirement, one of the driving forces over the timing of our visit was for me to go to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the Quilts and Colors exhibit. The exhibit featured quilts from the expansive and amazing collection of Pilgrim & Roy. My quick review would be “I wish I lived closer so I could go again and again.” Truly worth stopping at.

As long as there was no flash, we could take pictures! I used my cell phone so please excuse the quality, but these are some of our favorites!

This was Birdie’s favorite. The family that had owned this considered it ugly and stored it!



Mom and I were amazed by the workmanship of this one.



I am finding myself drawn to these color combinations. Not something I would grab but love how they work. I may have to do something in these colors.



I am an unabashed hexie girl so there was no question this was my favorite.



I was so happy to spend the day in Boston and see quilts my mom and daughter.

On our way home, my husband and I stopped in Shelburne, VT to check out the Shelburne Museum. The museum opened at 10am and by 10:05, I had walked the quarter mile to the quilts! My cellphone could not capture these quilts as they were under glass.  But if you are ever in Vermont, you need to go to the Shelburne!

I picked up their collection book, a story book for Birdie and then because I could two patterns I was drawn to and two fat quarter bundles. The fabrics are a circus theme and coordinates. I look forward to making something from these.


I missed their newest quilt exhibit of stars by being one day early. So if anyone goes, please tell me how it was!

Now that I have explored the quilt exhibits, I am ready to start sewing!




My kids are spending the week with their Maine grandparents. The husband and I got home late last night and have already reorganized the house. The last room to get attention was the basement aka sewing studio.

I am most excited about the addition of a small design wall. This came about after he needed to cover up a hole.


The space is also nicely stocked with Moxie. I always stock up on trips home as this is not available in Michigan.

As part of the reorg, I bought curtains for two rooms. The bags they came in are now serving as storage for my fat quarter and project sets. How perfect!


This weekend I will share about the Pilgrim Roy exhibit in Boston and also my stop at Shelburne Museum in Vermont.

Happy sewing!

Fabric Shopping

Near my parents’ house is a surplus/salvage store called Mardens with the most amazing fabric section. Not something you expect, but not only is the selection great, their display is equally lovely. The prices are the even better steal. For the quilting grade fabrics, it is usually between $2.99 – $4.99 a yard. The catch is that you don’t know what you will find and what you do find might be a few seasons old.


Do you know how geeked I was to find a huge Riley Blake selection? If you haven’t realized it, I am a wicked big fan of Riley Blake.  The photo in the top color is my cart before cutting. I exercised restraint and limited a lot of the cuts to fat quarter or half yards.



I was most excited to find the hexie print on the right. I have been eyeing it for months now. I nearly bought some last week at full price! Before I leave on Wednesday, I will be making another stop and load up on more fabric. I always do! 

I do also chat regularly with the fabric manager who has mailed fabrics to me or even more often, given my parents my orders! Last summer, I also had the privilege of meeting Alizida. We ended up shopping from each others carts. I have been really jealous of her more regular opportunities to shop at Mardens.

Today I got to see the Pilgrim Roy exhibit at Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. I promise to share about it soon.

Secret Quilt – Scrabble Quilt

Today is my mother’s last day of teaching ever. Birdie wanted to be here for the last day, so we drove overnight to arrive in my hometown by morning. There is a mix of exhaustion (adults) and overexcitement (kids) going on right now.

The secret quilt was obviously for my mother. I planned to give it to her at the end of her school day but Birdie spilled the beans on there being a quilt. Mom received her quilt fairly quickly after we arrived. As today is a fairly emotionally day, she is working to keep her emotions at bay. There were no tears or anything but it is fair to say, she loves it.

And without further ado, Secret Quilt is a Scrabble Quilt.





Now I plan to enjoy a cup of coffee! This afternoon, I am headed to my favorite fabric shop in the world but I will share that story tomorrow.

Happy sewing!


So close….

This weekend, Green Truck is on display at a large, highly respected, local car show. My husband and I were a bit surprised the truck was accepted but even in it’s unrestored state, Green Truck is an unusual vehicle. Although it means a weekend at the show,I have found a few ways to keep busy.

First, I worked a bit on hexies for Hexie Blog‘s Hexie of the Month. I am intentionally a few months behind as I was saving up for days like today. Sadly the photo I took did not come out.

I am in the final stages of Secret Quilt. Halfway done.. I don’t know about you, but there is something about hand binding that I enjoy. Even though I am mostly a machine piecer, machine quilter, sitting and finishing up a quilt by hand makes it feel real.

And best of all, I enjoyed riding in the back of the truck around the show grounds. This is a large historical site and usually vehicles are limited to the site’s vehicles. This is totally the way to see the place.

Happy sewing to you!

Linking to My Go-Go Life SewJo Saturday

Machine tricks?


So my machine is a general sewing machine. It doesn’t have a deep arm for quilting. I do quilt on my machine though nothing to complicated. This is a 65×65 quilt but I kept the quilting straight lines.

Do you have any tricks for machine quilting on a domestic?

Almost there

The secret quilt top is nearly done. Maybe another two hours and the top will be ready to be basted to quilt. My goal is start quilting tomorrow as I only have two weeks to finish this!

A couple more sneak peaks




I am loving how this is coming out – even with the insane time crunch. I can’t wait to share the final project.

The other day I also found a block inspiration at Panera. Tell me I am not the only one who sees a quilt block in this upholstery?!?



I will also share my household has been watching a lot of Missouri Star Quilt tutorials lately. My three-year old son is hooked and asks to watch the videos before bed. It is actually how we landed on secret quilt’s final pattern.

Today is Saturday so I am linking to My Go-Go Life’s Sewjo Saturday! I can’t tell you how much I love SewJo! It really does get my motivation churning. I can’t wait for a few more Saturdays to pass so I can share where that motivation has been going!




Can you keep a secret? I am working on a project that will be a surprise. Here are two clues to to the pattern since I can’t share too much. I did find working this pattern through in sets of four has made it a quick project. It is also helped my point precision. 



I will be able to share the finished project at the end of June.

I can share the recover of my ironing board. I did this a few months ago and love it.


Don’t you just love the fabric – I picked it up at a quilt show with no definitive plan. Works perfect on my ironing board. 

And yes, my board is set up outside. On nice days, I set my sewing station up outside so the kids can play in the backyard and I can get things done. It is one of my favorite things of warm weather.