So close….

This weekend, Green Truck is on display at a large, highly respected, local car show. My husband and I were a bit surprised the truck was accepted but even in it’s unrestored state, Green Truck is an unusual vehicle. Although it means a weekend at the show,I have found a few ways to keep busy.

First, I worked a bit on hexies for Hexie Blog‘s Hexie of the Month. I am intentionally a few months behind as I was saving up for days like today. Sadly the photo I took did not come out.

I am in the final stages of Secret Quilt. Halfway done.. I don’t know about you, but there is something about hand binding that I enjoy. Even though I am mostly a machine piecer, machine quilter, sitting and finishing up a quilt by hand makes it feel real.

And best of all, I enjoyed riding in the back of the truck around the show grounds. This is a large historical site and usually vehicles are limited to the site’s vehicles. This is totally the way to see the place.

Happy sewing to you!

Linking to My Go-Go Life SewJo Saturday


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