Secret Quilt – Scrabble Quilt

Today is my mother’s last day of teaching ever. Birdie wanted to be here for the last day, so we drove overnight to arrive in my hometown by morning. There is a mix of exhaustion (adults) and overexcitement (kids) going on right now.

The secret quilt was obviously for my mother. I planned to give it to her at the end of her school day but Birdie spilled the beans on there being a quilt. Mom received her quilt fairly quickly after we arrived. As today is a fairly emotionally day, she is working to keep her emotions at bay. There were no tears or anything but it is fair to say, she loves it.

And without further ado, Secret Quilt is a Scrabble Quilt.





Now I plan to enjoy a cup of coffee! This afternoon, I am headed to my favorite fabric shop in the world but I will share that story tomorrow.

Happy sewing!



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