Fabric Shopping

Near my parents’ house is a surplus/salvage store called Mardens with the most amazing fabric section. Not something you expect, but not only is the selection great, their display is equally lovely. The prices are the even better steal. For the quilting grade fabrics, it is usually between $2.99 – $4.99 a yard. The catch is that you don’t know what you will find and what you do find might be a few seasons old.


Do you know how geeked I was to find a huge Riley Blake selection? If you haven’t realized it, I am a wicked big fan of Riley Blake.  The photo in the top color is my cart before cutting. I exercised restraint and limited a lot of the cuts to fat quarter or half yards.



I was most excited to find the hexie print on the right. I have been eyeing it for months now. I nearly bought some last week at full price! Before I leave on Wednesday, I will be making another stop and load up on more fabric. I always do! 

I do also chat regularly with the fabric manager who has mailed fabrics to me or even more often, given my parents my orders! Last summer, I also had the privilege of meeting Alizida. We ended up shopping from each others carts. I have been really jealous of her more regular opportunities to shop at Mardens.

Today I got to see the Pilgrim Roy exhibit at Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. I promise to share about it soon.


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