Making progress


My husband’s quilt is starting to move along. I cut up my scrap batting and a few blocks have been quilted. It may be slow going but from my husband’s reaction to the first block, it will be worth the effort.


Snowed in

I flew into Boston for work on Sunday. By Monday morning, my reason to be there was canceled.  Instead of trying to fly back to Midwest,  I opted to head to Maine and weather the storm with my parents.  Not entirely sure when I will make it home. Send good vibes to my husband holding down the house with two kids.

We made a quick run to Mardens for supplies in preparation to being snowed in tomorrow. These are all fillers for my stash and part of my goal to add yellow and orange into quilts.


I even got to enjoy uninterrupted and unrushed sewing time, which resulted in completing another of Piece and Quilts 30 Day Blocks.


I wonder what block I will get done tomorrow. It has been a long time since I have been snowed in.

Three tops means a good start

I finished assembling C’s “A Boy’s Life” Quilt top today. I ran out of the gray solid so it is a row shorter than planned. The top really does reflect C at this point in life.


This makes the third top I have finished and ready to quilt in 2015. Talk about a quilt start! I intend to quilt these myself so preparing myself mentally.


The ready to baste and quilt box

It has been a lot of fun working through my stash. It is like the best quilt shop ever as the price is just right.

I also finally got the hooks hung and now my sewing space is even more organized. The rulers are neatly hung and the four sorting cups are off the table. I keep my cutters, pens and scrap binding in these.


I do need to find a solid object to function as a book end. The books tipped over right after this shop.

Accidents are happening

I switched up the corners on Accidental HI quilt. The change was just right.


I realized i was a bit burnt on precision sewing after 2014’s skill focus, so decided to just let things come together however they do. Tonight armed with a charm pack and some scrap white strips, I gave myself 90 minutes to sew. A second accidental baby quilt was made.


This is about 30 in X 35 in so perfect for the car or stroller.

These were made entirely from my stash.  Now time to work up quilting plans for these.

The accidental baby quilt

It is wet and sloppy out so the perfect day to hole up in craft space and do something. I thought about working on my husband’s quilt but just wasn’t feeling circles today. Instead, I fired up my Nook and flipped through Fun-Sized Quilts. I had gotten the book for scrap busting ideas and knew something quick and fun was in it. I was right and decided to do Kimberly Jolly’s HI quilt.


I wanted to use up scrap white jelly strips so I scaled the pattern to use 2.5″ in strips instead. This went together so quick! As I prepared to add the single border, I decided to use my scrap triple strips instead. And a wall hanging became a baby quilt. Another quick dig through my stash found a nice gray solid to anchor the quilt.

I am in love with how this turned out. Now to find a new baby to gift this to.


Also hanging up is a lonely block from Lindsay Conner‘s Modern Bee book. I made the block a year ago but decided not to make the full quilt. I pulled it from my UFO bin, quilted it and now it awaits binding before it becomes a doll quilt (or so my daughter has informed me).

So that means two project 100% from my stash this weekend. I even have the backing for Accidental and still have have batting on my roll. Jackpot!

This weekend also saw the installation of shelving in my space. I sew in our partially finished basement so excuse the less than lovely look. We had “walls” until this summer’s flood required us to gut the basement. As we received no financial aid following, we are leaving it unfinished.  I am doing my best to make it homey and organized. I will admit everything is up high or in totes, as that is what saved my stash this summer.


Friday fun

During the week, it is hard to find sewing time between my work schedule and the kids. So last night, the kids encamped in their craft area next to my sewing space and we enjoyed some craft time. I recently got an Accuquilt Baby Go, primarily to cut the 90 circles needed for my husband’s quilt. My quick review is WOW! In 20 minutes, I had all the circles cut.


I also picked up the square value die so I can cut up my scraps to 2 1/2in squares. I told my husband one of these nights he will be tasked with cutting my scraps for me. He didn’t seem to mind. I have not yet cut the squares for my husband’s quilt but I did trial it against the gray he selected. Totally liking the look. I now need to dig through my bin to see if I have any yardage that would work for the backing. This will be a QAYG so I am not sure what will work.


Link to Sew My Stash


Holiday hexies


I snuck a little sewing in today and added a few more quilt rows to this project. I am not entirely sure how this will come out but it is an idea stuck in my head.  I also made a few blocks for C’s quilt but realized I didn’t like how that would look. A quick run to JoAnn and I had a solid fabric to fix what I wasn’t liking.

A heater was also procured as my sewing space is in our basement. We are in the depths of another Michigan winter so it was a bit too cold to be sewing!

Hoping to sneak some more time in soon… but I am distracted by reading the Outlander books and watching the series. If anything they make me wish I enjoyed knitting more. I know how but find it not my thing. The use of knits in Outlander series is amazing and so appealing!!!

My husband is now curious about the series, so we are restarting it tonight. You don’t need to twist my arm!

Sew My Stash 2015

Thanks to Sarah at Berry Barn Designs, I have found my sewing challenge for 2015 – Sew My Stash. Project: Leasa kicked this off and it is so needed by me. Like most sewers, I love fabric. I horde fabric. I must have all the fabric!

I had already committed to making the first four projects of the year from my stash. I am allowed to get fabric if it is absolutely critical to the project. An example would be I do need to buy a gray solid for the background fabric of my husband’s quilt. I am using Bijou Lovely’s Confetti Quilt Tutorial. The circles will be Ride by Julia Rothman.  As soon as this line came out, I began hording it as my husband is a bike guy.



I also have been stashing Cushions & Dust by Sarah Watts and plan to utilize Jeni Baker’s Flower Power pattern.

A couple other projects are lined up and a few ideas are bubbling in my mind. For instance, I adore Crossing Paths by Mae Chappell but not sure yet if I have the fabric in my stash. I also have a bunch of Riley Blake Geekily Chic stashed with no plans yet. Welcome to ideas!


Just some of the stash in need of ideas…

Did you set any 2015 resolutions?


2015 Restart..

So life got in the way and this got set aside. Let’s see if 2015 can be a new beginning!

Let’s restart by checking out the status of 2014’s WIPS

WIP #1 – Piles o Fabric 2014 Skillbuilder was completed this morning. Birdie loves this! She claimed it nearly a year ago upon seeing the design.


WIP #2: Hexagon Block of the Month was fully abandoned. After the first three blocks, I just didn’t like the next few enough to continue. I will use the blocks done in something.

WIP #3 – C’s quilt/Starburst was also abandoned. C decided on a different pattern and collected his own fabric. There is something about a 3 yr old boy picking out fat quarters in a quilt shop that is too adorable to stop. I donated the half done quilt top to Layers of Hope who is having someone finish it!

WIP # 4: What I did on my summer vacation is still in works. I see this being a long term project.

WIP #5: Coast to Coast and Midwest too is completed. I ended up having it quilted by a local long armer and love the final look.


Throughout the year I made some other quilts. There were two baby quilts for new babies, a hexie playmat or two and this adorable Christmas Quilt. My mom assembled the top from my idea while visiting. I quilted it with holly and mistletoe (first major fmq) and C helped bind it. As a result he claimed the finished project.


All in all I am happy with 2014 sewing! For 2015, I have organized my projects based on what I have on hand. There are a couple of new baby friends anticipated so I know lots of little projects will sneak in.

Happy 2015 sewing!