The accidental baby quilt

It is wet and sloppy out so the perfect day to hole up in craft space and do something. I thought about working on my husband’s quilt but just wasn’t feeling circles today. Instead, I fired up my Nook and flipped through Fun-Sized Quilts. I had gotten the book for scrap busting ideas and knew something quick and fun was in it. I was right and decided to do Kimberly Jolly’s HI quilt.


I wanted to use up scrap white jelly strips so I scaled the pattern to use 2.5″ in strips instead. This went together so quick! As I prepared to add the single border, I decided to use my scrap triple strips instead. And a wall hanging became a baby quilt. Another quick dig through my stash found a nice gray solid to anchor the quilt.

I am in love with how this turned out. Now to find a new baby to gift this to.


Also hanging up is a lonely block from Lindsay Conner‘s Modern Bee book. I made the block a year ago but decided not to make the full quilt. I pulled it from my UFO bin, quilted it and now it awaits binding before it becomes a doll quilt (or so my daughter has informed me).

So that means two project 100% from my stash this weekend. I even have the backing for Accidental and still have have batting on my roll. Jackpot!

This weekend also saw the installation of shelving in my space. I sew in our partially finished basement so excuse the less than lovely look. We had “walls” until this summer’s flood required us to gut the basement. As we received no financial aid following, we are leaving it unfinished.  I am doing my best to make it homey and organized. I will admit everything is up high or in totes, as that is what saved my stash this summer.



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