Baking up a quilt one block at a time

My plan to make blocks along with Piece N Quilt’s  30 Days of Blocks is going well. Almost too well! I have done 10 blocks so far though I added in a Churn Dash and Ohio Star. Still planning to go back through all the blocks posted to find more to add.

Today I made up two blocks. This one is my new favorite! There have been 3 or 4 blocks so far that I want to do entire quilts in.


In doing this project, I am working hard on maintaining points but still struggling. I would love tips on this.

I have also finally gotten a hang of chain piecing. Not sure why but previously this drove me batty. Now I am just knocking it out!



I don’t know how much bigger this quilt will get. I think I will just keep going till I run out of the fabrics I am using.

I love unexpectedly fun projects but I need to buckle down and quilt the three other projects!



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