The sewjo just hasn’t been there lately between parenting and work. I have the projects lined up, just not the motivation to do them.

I did teach my friends to make a quilt top last weekend.  Next time they are over, we will do quilting and binding.

I did find some motivation to knock out the summer in the park top. My daughter wants to give this to her school aide.


I envision circle or spiral quilting on this which I simply haven’t mastered on my machine.  I think it will go off to the long armer for the quilting.

The squares have a lot of wonky line ups but it really works for this. The wonky gives a whimsy that seems perfect from a kid.

Hoping the sewjo comes back soon. I am going to start on flower power which has been lined up and ready to go for a few months now.


Flowers and dreams


These three flowers are heading to Australia. Jodi at Tales of Cloth is collecting them for Stitches of Color. Birdie designed the left one after hearing why I was doing this.

I also did pick up some fabric. My local quilt shop shared this adorable kit they had in stock.


I have a couple friends expecting so this is not only adorable but versatile.  I can’t wait to make this. The raindrop print is from my stash and will be the most perfect backing.

Another one down


I picked up this mini charm pack of 25th and Pine in November. To pass the time, I made up this hexie chain. The white background and the backing both came from my stash.  This final project is wall hanging or maybe baby quilt size.

I admit I am not loving this project so it falls into the “ehh at least it is finished” category.

I am still deep in a freeze on purchasing fabric.  I haven’t bought any since my trip to Maine and even that was restrained to material needed for projects.  I have two project ideas that will need materials outside of my stash. I am holding on those for a bit. I would like to finish Hubby’s Bike quilt and the kids’ Summer in the Park before starting something new.

It has been refreshing working solely from my stash. I even destashed a bunch of material that I knew I just wasn’t going to use.

2015 is really shaping up to be a mind clearing year.

Super duper weekend

Hi Totoro

This quilt started as just a distraction activity. Everything came from my stash (yea, Sew my stash empty please). As I was making it, it evolved into this baby quilt.


I immediately decided to attempt FMQ hello in various languages around the inner border.  To be honest, it was a little hard cursive sewing in unfamiliar languages, but I so love the final product. I backed this with my horded Totoro fabric only because it is for a very close friend’s baby.

I also finished the Christmas hexie quilt but as it is being washed now, the finished photo will have to wait.

To sew through my jelly roll stash, I decided to try tube sewing with Missouri Star Quilting’s Summer in the Park pattern.


The primary roll had only 20 strips so this is a bit smaller than I would like. I am thinking I should try to find some yardage of the prints to create a border. We will see once the top is sewn together.


I do love how bright and cheery these prints are.

So for whatever reason this weekend was a super productive one for me. I am now down to two WIPS (Hubby’s Bikes and the above Summer). I have one project lined up to do and two more ideas formulating. My stash is starting to feel more manageable but I still would like to sew through more of it before buying fabrics. I know my husband is appreciating my newfound restraint.