Super duper weekend

Hi Totoro

This quilt started as just a distraction activity. Everything came from my stash (yea, Sew my stash empty please). As I was making it, it evolved into this baby quilt.


I immediately decided to attempt FMQ hello in various languages around the inner border.  To be honest, it was a little hard cursive sewing in unfamiliar languages, but I so love the final product. I backed this with my horded Totoro fabric only because it is for a very close friend’s baby.

I also finished the Christmas hexie quilt but as it is being washed now, the finished photo will have to wait.

To sew through my jelly roll stash, I decided to try tube sewing with Missouri Star Quilting’s Summer in the Park pattern.


The primary roll had only 20 strips so this is a bit smaller than I would like. I am thinking I should try to find some yardage of the prints to create a border. We will see once the top is sewn together.


I do love how bright and cheery these prints are.

So for whatever reason this weekend was a super productive one for me. I am now down to two WIPS (Hubby’s Bikes and the above Summer). I have one project lined up to do and two more ideas formulating. My stash is starting to feel more manageable but I still would like to sew through more of it before buying fabrics. I know my husband is appreciating my newfound restraint.


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