4×7 challenge – week 1

Berry Barn Designs has this great goal of committing time to sew just for ourselves.  She calls it the 4×7 challenge. Last year, I joined late but got some projects done.  For me, all sewing is for myself, even when the end project is gifted.  I allude to my work life but it is hectic, challenging and stressful at times. My sewing time is my stress reliever. It is a chance to work by my own rules on my own schedule. I do find that when I don’t commit time for the creative outlet, my stress level is heightened.

Anyway, this is the end of week 1. I admit I didn’t sew every day. My son had his tonsil and adenoids out on Tuesday plus I had a major meeting with top management on Friday. But, I did fit in a couple evenings to sew and try something I had been wanting to do.

First was the middle of Betsy Dackson’s Mini Medallion. I can’t resist Love Patchwork & Quilting but rarely actually make something from it. So this week was about finally doing that.20160205_205840.jpg

I am trying to work from my stash as much as possible. The print is a neat Dutch inspired print that has been waiting for the right use. From here, I am not feeling the border of crosses and Xs. I am letting the next step brew to see where this goes, but it felt good doing it.

The next block was also inspired by Love Patchwork & Quilting.  I took an applique block pattern and made it pieced. You can’t tell from my camera phone shots, but I was a photographer years ago.


This block makes me soooooo happy. I am now contemplating making more based on cameras in my collection. (Did I mention a fairly large vintage camera collection?) I would love to make a Brownie inspired block!

The vintage top is free of newspaper so it found itself in the bathtub the other night. The top had such a musty smell I knew I couldn’t quilt it unless it was cleaned. No photos but the water was a awful rusty brown color. No color bled onto other blocks and no seams let go. It does smell better. Now just waiting on the backing to arrive!

The final just for me was a fabric splurge from Mary Fons’ Small Wonder. I just love the small prints. At least one has already been pulled out to use in this month’s Sister Sampler block! The backing for vintage is also coming from this line, but I ordered it after this splurge!


It wasn’t every day of sewing, but I made time for creating and designing. Hoping that week 2 has more time for sewing!


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