Finding my sewjo

Work and life really got in the way of my sewjo last year, but in December, it came back with an apparent vengenance. From December 31st to January 31st, I started 7 projects and finished 5 of them. One unfinished is a year long sewalong and the other is prepped for a February finish.

Let’s recap…

I love paper planners and require one every year. I snagged one of the Quilter’s Planners during the campaign and simply had to make a cover for it. I am a wicked coffee fiend and had made the coffee cup block last year from Lori Holt’s book.


I then made an adorable baby quilt from a panel, but somehow don’t have a photo. Oops! It has already been gifted so maybe one day I will get an action shot.

I made two lap quilts and had them quilted by a local long armer. With both, she just nailed it with the quilting. These were quick and fun projects. Darth Vader is my husband’s and the Doctor Who was gifted to a dear friend.


Another friend’s new baby was gifted a wholecloth quilt featuring the most adorable vintage prints and a flannel Doctor Who backing.


My best friend and I are jointly doing the Sister Sampler Sewalong featuring blocks from Gen X Quilter‘s book Sister Sampler Quilts. We each make two sister blocks a month and will be swapping at the end of the project. This first block involved curves and lots of swear words from me. But stubborn persistance won out.


And finally, I took of the newspaper from the 1928 Rocky Road quilt top I obtained about 18 mos ago. It was a long internal debate about leaving it as is versus finishing it. The winner was finishing but first I had to remove the newspaper. I was careful and kept all the scraps in a box. Dating is pretty solid between February and March 1928!

Backing print has been ordered so quilting should begin soon.. Maybe it will be a February 1928 to February 2016 project!

Also hoping the sewjo sticks around.



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