Sunday Craftermorn

The kids love the children musician, Tim Kubart, who has a song called “Sunday Crafternoon”. That song describes weekends at our house though this weekend we had a “craftermorn”.

I sewed up the Button Blocks for Sister Sampler. My best friend and I both are Doctor Who fans, so this block honors that. I loved finally getting to use the green chairs print and using up Mary Fons Small Wonder.

The pink block is for my friend and blue mine. I did my block first which explains why her block flows a bit better. Mine is busy but it does reflect my life at this point in time. Going a million directions and never really taking a break.

The highlight was finishing an embroidery I started two summers ago along the shore of Lake Huron.


Ahh the memories… but now a nice inspiration for my sewing space. I practiced free motion quilting and even used a decorative stitch for the binding. Now to find a small hanger to stitch it to.


So happy to make myself time for this. For week 2, I have decided to tackle some foundation paper piecing. I have a block in mind so let’s see if I can do it..

Linking up to Berry Barn Design’s 4×7 sewing challenge.


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