Best laid plans

I had great plans for week 2 of the 4×7 sewing challenge. To really challenge myself, I planned to work on foundation paper piecing. I had learned it during the Pile o’ Fabric 2014 Skillbuilder. I found it tricky so actually skipped doing one block as paper piecing. This week, my plan was to work on the Serenity block. I had the fabric ready and everything….

But my plans didn’t factor in my son experiencing a complication from his recent tonsil/adenoid surgery. It was serious enough to require an ambulance ride and overnight hospital stay.  Doc said it was a rare (around 3% ) complication but he is fine now. He is unable to return to school till Monday, so instead of sewing this week, my time has been committed to being nurse mom.

Hopefully this weekend, I can tackle the block like my original plan. I did find time to sort out fabrics to make a BB-8 block and the backing for 1928 arrived.  I plan to hand-tie 1928 so basting it may be on the weekend plans.

I am also working out a quilt idea for the blocks I am making this month. I don’t intend to make enough for individual quilts and I have no need for wall hangings. Inspired by the Birds on a Line quilt that features orphan blocks, I plan to do the same with these blocks. My idea is to place “frames” around each block and make it look like a picture wall. I need to finish making up the blocks this month, but it will be a fun quirky way to use the blocks. I will also get some solid practice with miter corners. I plan to follow Saltwater Quilts tutorial for these.

Fingers crossed our weekend is quiet and uneventful…



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