The home stretch

This past week, I found I had no drive to sew. It wasn’t due to stress from work or kids, I just didn’t want to. Chatting with my best friend, we realized neither of us enjoy daily sewing as an activity. We both just want to sew when we feel like it and not sew when we don’t want to. It was a good realization  to come to.

When I did feel the urge, I accomplished  a few things.

Early but I tackled the March Sister Sampler block. For these, the last curves, I opted for twin blocks. My bf and I are swapping at the end so it is neat to have identical blocks.


I am done with curves for a bit. I don’t hate them but they are a bit more mental space than I want.

I started hand tying 1928 quilt.


And have since  pulled the ties. My baste was just too loose on the back. I need to go visit a friend who has space for me to lay this out.

I also got a fun package for Berry Barn Designs for Week 2 of the 47 sewing challenge.


I am undecided on the adult coloring trend but I could see some being embroidery patterns. The mini charm will be fun to use once I figure out a project.

My son turns 5 in March. His two best friends are February birthdays, so we often do something with the three amigos. This year, we goofed off at a movie studio, experimented with dry ice and had a volcano cake.


Jello lava was supposed to spew out but the cake absorbed it. Next time, I would line the center cone or use a cup. The dry ice did make it look cool.

The son is also still Tim Kubart obsessed. I think meeting Tim made him even more so. We got him a counting piggy bank to keep track of his quarters  for Tim.  He has no clue how much he needs to bring Tim out but at least he is saving his coins (and mine).


He has more in there than the tally now. The irony was after he put his coins in, he turned on Sprout and Tim was doing one of those “The More You Know” segments on savings.  😒


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