Flowers and dreams


These three flowers are heading to Australia. Jodi at Tales of Cloth is collecting them for Stitches of Color. Birdie designed the left one after hearing why I was doing this.

I also did pick up some fabric. My local quilt shop shared this adorable kit they had in stock.


I have a couple friends expecting so this is not only adorable but versatile.  I can’t wait to make this. The raindrop print is from my stash and will be the most perfect backing.


Another one down


I picked up this mini charm pack of 25th and Pine in November. To pass the time, I made up this hexie chain. The white background and the backing both came from my stash.  This final project is wall hanging or maybe baby quilt size.

I admit I am not loving this project so it falls into the “ehh at least it is finished” category.

I am still deep in a freeze on purchasing fabric.  I haven’t bought any since my trip to Maine and even that was restrained to material needed for projects.  I have two project ideas that will need materials outside of my stash. I am holding on those for a bit. I would like to finish Hubby’s Bike quilt and the kids’ Summer in the Park before starting something new.

It has been refreshing working solely from my stash. I even destashed a bunch of material that I knew I just wasn’t going to use.

2015 is really shaping up to be a mind clearing year.

Super duper weekend

Hi Totoro

This quilt started as just a distraction activity. Everything came from my stash (yea, Sew my stash empty please). As I was making it, it evolved into this baby quilt.


I immediately decided to attempt FMQ hello in various languages around the inner border.  To be honest, it was a little hard cursive sewing in unfamiliar languages, but I so love the final product. I backed this with my horded Totoro fabric only because it is for a very close friend’s baby.

I also finished the Christmas hexie quilt but as it is being washed now, the finished photo will have to wait.

To sew through my jelly roll stash, I decided to try tube sewing with Missouri Star Quilting’s Summer in the Park pattern.


The primary roll had only 20 strips so this is a bit smaller than I would like. I am thinking I should try to find some yardage of the prints to create a border. We will see once the top is sewn together.


I do love how bright and cheery these prints are.

So for whatever reason this weekend was a super productive one for me. I am now down to two WIPS (Hubby’s Bikes and the above Summer). I have one project lined up to do and two more ideas formulating. My stash is starting to feel more manageable but I still would like to sew through more of it before buying fabrics. I know my husband is appreciating my newfound restraint.

A boy’s life


Last week we escaped the Michigan cold and went south to Florida. It was the first solid family vacation in a while and a nice time.  We returned home late on Saturday so Sunday was spent doing laundry, preparing to return to work/school and of course crafting. 

Hubby helped baste A Boy’s Life and per my son’s request, I did a very simple line quilting. Binding took no time at all and another project is done for 2015.

Baking up a quilt one block at a time

My plan to make blocks along with Piece N Quilt’s  30 Days of Blocks is going well. Almost too well! I have done 10 blocks so far though I added in a Churn Dash and Ohio Star. Still planning to go back through all the blocks posted to find more to add.

Today I made up two blocks. This one is my new favorite! There have been 3 or 4 blocks so far that I want to do entire quilts in.


In doing this project, I am working hard on maintaining points but still struggling. I would love tips on this.

I have also finally gotten a hang of chain piecing. Not sure why but previously this drove me batty. Now I am just knocking it out!



I don’t know how much bigger this quilt will get. I think I will just keep going till I run out of the fabrics I am using.

I love unexpectedly fun projects but I need to buckle down and quilt the three other projects!


A 2015 Finish

I made it home from snowy Maine with few hitches. A few days of green and brown and now it is snowing in Michigan. A snowy Sunday seemed the perfect time to finish something in my growing pile of tops.

DSC_1615 DSC_1617

Now to wait for a baby to gift this to.

I also got a few more bike blocks done. This is a fun project especially as I can do it in spurts.

Snowed in

I flew into Boston for work on Sunday. By Monday morning, my reason to be there was canceled.  Instead of trying to fly back to Midwest,  I opted to head to Maine and weather the storm with my parents.  Not entirely sure when I will make it home. Send good vibes to my husband holding down the house with two kids.

We made a quick run to Mardens for supplies in preparation to being snowed in tomorrow. These are all fillers for my stash and part of my goal to add yellow and orange into quilts.


I even got to enjoy uninterrupted and unrushed sewing time, which resulted in completing another of Piece and Quilts 30 Day Blocks.


I wonder what block I will get done tomorrow. It has been a long time since I have been snowed in.

Three tops means a good start

I finished assembling C’s “A Boy’s Life” Quilt top today. I ran out of the gray solid so it is a row shorter than planned. The top really does reflect C at this point in life.


This makes the third top I have finished and ready to quilt in 2015. Talk about a quilt start! I intend to quilt these myself so preparing myself mentally.


The ready to baste and quilt box

It has been a lot of fun working through my stash. It is like the best quilt shop ever as the price is just right.

I also finally got the hooks hung and now my sewing space is even more organized. The rulers are neatly hung and the four sorting cups are off the table. I keep my cutters, pens and scrap binding in these.


I do need to find a solid object to function as a book end. The books tipped over right after this shop.

Accidents are happening

I switched up the corners on Accidental HI quilt. The change was just right.


I realized i was a bit burnt on precision sewing after 2014’s skill focus, so decided to just let things come together however they do. Tonight armed with a charm pack and some scrap white strips, I gave myself 90 minutes to sew. A second accidental baby quilt was made.


This is about 30 in X 35 in so perfect for the car or stroller.

These were made entirely from my stash.  Now time to work up quilting plans for these.